Tapioca Chips

Tapioca chips are the simplest form of processing.  After tapioca roots are harvested, they are transported to the drying pad.  Some farmers own the cement pads the mselves.  The roots are shredded into small pieces and then dried on the pad, before selling as raw material for the animal feed industry, the animal industry or the tapioca pellet industry.   Usually 2.5 kilogrammes of fresh roots produce 1 kilogramme of chips.

Tapioca chips are produced as follows :

       a) Clean the roots to rid of dirt and impurities,

       b) Cut the roots into small pieces by knife or shredder,

       c) Dry the tapioca pieces on a cement pad or on a bamboo mat.

     d) During the drying, the tapioca should be turned every 1-2 hours, using human labour or tractor.  After completely dried, the tapioca chips can then be sold


Name: Tapioca Chip

Starch: 70% Min

Moisture: 14% Max

Fiber: 5% Max

Foreign matters: 2% Max

Impurity(Sand/Silica): 3% Max

Size: 5-10cm

No Melamine

No harmful weevils & chemicals

High Purity 3-indolebutryric acid

Crop Year: current year

Packaging Detail: bulk or new PP bags, about 50kg per pack