Message of Chairman

Since our foundation, FOCOCEV has constantly accumulated capital to invest for development, business and production expansion, which creating more jobs and products in order to satisfy export and domestic demand. From a small manufacturer and trading in Middle of Vietnam with 250,000 USD and 100 staff, FOCOCEV is become a big manufacturer which a lot factories and representative agencies from North to South in Vietnam, doing business with over 40 countries in the world, with total approximate value of assets is nearly 50 million USD and over 1,500 staff have stable job and income. FOCOCEV always put prestige is a main factor leading.

Over 40 years of operation (1975-2017) along with the development of country, FOCOCEV VIET NAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY already has built the prestige and trademark into business market, with a honor and trust from foreign and domestic partners to do business each other.

With the vision, FOCOCEV has built a strong & unity community in which each individual could express his intellect, creativity, activity and enthusiams. Tanks to this, company’s business always hets high and stable growth, annual revenue, proft, tax paid to national budget and social welfare are increased year afer year.


Mr Dao Quy Chung, Chairman Fococev JSC